Left: “Untitled”, pen on paper | Right: “?I REALLY LIKE YOU MARY.” , watercolor on paper

Building Your Tool

In the early days, my works play with simple shapes like polygons and lines. Title: “BIG DEAL.AND GUS — WHEN YOU SENT THE TELEGRAM?”, watercolor on paper
I gradually added curves into my toolkit. Details of the painting: “I’M SORRY!I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT.” , watercolor on paper

Finding Your Medium

This is a doodle I did in 2016. I love finding balance in chaos. Over-relying on machine accuracy deviates my works from my style.
An earlier work that focuses on precision. “Untitled”, pen on paper
Trying to paint with eyeshadow. You can see a short clip here. “Untitled”, eyeshadow on paper
ThreadPlotter is a toolkit for the design and fabrication of delicate punch needle embroidery using X-Y plotters. If you want to learn more about it, I recommend watching this 10-min presentation.
The watercolor painting that started my 3rd 100-day challenge. “Untitled”, watercolor on paper.
I enjoy trying different art supplies. Top left: water brush. Top Right: a tiny brush that I use in most of my paintings. Bottom Left: painting on watercolor paper. Bottom Right: painting on yupo paper.

Finding Your Way Back After A Break

Quantity is Important

You can see my plotters in action here.
I hammered MANY servo motors in the past 300+ days. But considering the painting stack that I built, I think it is an excellent trade.


1. “SO HOW DOES IT OPERATE?”, watercolor on textured paper.
2. “Being warm maybe — but I do.”, watercolor on yupo paper.
3. “And I know the difference.”, watercolor on paper.
4. “Both of you shut up!”, watercolor on paper
5. “Let’s step up the timetable.”, watercolor on paper
6. “While I’m at it you can rule the seas.”, watercolor on paper
7. “Now that’s not so easy.” watercolor on paper
8. “Oh he had a reputation that was hard to have faith.”, watercolor on yupo paper
9. “And you would be part of justice being done.” , watercolor on paper
10. “He didn’t even wait for the new leads.Three.Three?”, watercolor on yupo paper.

Ph.D. Candidate @University of Michigan, School of Information. Wants to create art with data.

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